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7 Reasons Why you might LOVE “Her Fearful Symmetry” by Audrey Niffenegger

  1. Identical twins. Double the fun.
  2. The cover is pretty and creepy at the same time.  (What? Isn’t that a valid reason?)
  3. A Ouija board figures prominently in communication between the dead aunt, her nieces and her boyfriend.
  4. The Little Kitten of Death is a plaything for various inhabitants of the apartments.
  5. There are many switched identities, and best-laid plans that change, though everything works out well, if not as expected, in the end.
  6. The OCD upstairs neighbor writes crossword puzzles.
  7. Much action takes place in or overlooking the moss-covered, old, Highgate Cemetery in London. And, the author does a superb job of evoking the foggy eeriness of it all.

As a followup to the highly, hugely, astoundedly popular Time Traveler’s Wife, there’s no way that Her Fearful Symmetry could ever reach the same heights.  However, after a wee bit of a slow start, and an interlude reading other books, I found myself itching to pick up the book again and see what happened.  I was, literally, breathless when it all finished.  Just like one of the main characters.


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