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7 Musings about “Double Fault,” by Lionel Shriver

  1. I’m glad I don’t play tennis.
  2. I’m REALLY glad I don’t play tennis.
  3. It’s sad when people don’t realize what a good thing they have going.
  4. Shriver is an incredibly precise writer-which makes the pain she depicts in this book exquisite.
  5. I don’t really like to read books about failure and single-minded devotion to self-destruction.  Even if they are more representative of true life.
  6. Being too good at one thing and not very good at anything else sets a person up for a miserable life.
  7. The beauty of rubbernecking a car-wreck at the side of the road is that it usually takes less than five or six hours to drive by it.  You glance, and then it is in your rear view mirror, and you drive on to somewhere else, thinking about somewhere else.  Not so with the novel-as-car-wreck.

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