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Claire de Lune Blog Tour and Book Giveaway!


Here are the winners of the big BOOK giveaway!  If you’re a winner, please email me your name, address, and who you’d like Christine to sign the book to.  Email me at ktplant “at” gmail “dot” com, so that I can have Christine autograph your book, and send it to you.


Shelley Dawson Hendershot  (I believe Shelley commented on every SINGLE blog, and put it on facebook about seventeen  times, so she had LOTS of chances to win!)

Susan L. Morrison

Rebecca Sweet

Laura Matthews

Eleanor Erickson

(These winners were randomly drawn from the pool of entries that followed the contest instructions below.  Some of them also wrote blog posts, but they tweeted, facebooked or told their friends about it, according to instructions! Thank you for playing!  Enjoy the books!)


Claire de Lune, by Christine Johnson, published by Simon Pulse, is NOW at bookstores near you!  Werewolves are also lurking on blogs near your corner of the internet, too.  Today we’re having a big blog book tour to celebrate the release of Claire de Lune at blogs near and far.  Here’s the list of participating blogs:



Good Enough Gardening Podcast and Facebook Page:

Punk Rock Gardens:

Pomegranate Books:

The Mini Garden Guru:

The Garden of Words:

Chicks on Sticks:

Glynne’s Soaps:

Theme a Party:

Gossip in the Garden:

Jenny Peterson Garden Design:

Masks Blog:

Blue Planet Gardening Blog

All Biz Answers

New Rules of Publishing:

Bling and Buy:

Amuse Bouche:

Fight Mediocrity:

Joy’s Jam:

Agility Spot:

BrushBuck Guide Services:

Fussbudget Promotions:

Take the Tour, Comment, and Come back Here to Win

Want to read about werewolves in the workplace?  How about surfing lessons for werewolf wahines?  All that and more is covered in the big blog book tour.  Check out the blogs, leave comments, and, learn more about the book, itself:

Check out Christine’s Web Page:

Follow her on Twitter:  @cjohnsonbooks

Become a Fan of Claire de Lune on Facebook:

Buy the book at

or, purchase it from your favorite local indie bookstore:

Win a Copy of Claire de Lune

Christine was kind enough to donate three copies of Claire de Lune with a signed book plates to our Blog Book Tour.  Would you like to win this book?  (You do want to win it.  It is GREAT!)  You have several options to enter the book giveaway:

  • Become a fan of Claire de Lune on Facebook
  • Tweet about the book and/or blog tour with the hashtag #clairedelune
  • Upload a picture of Claire de Lune in the “wild” (at your local bookstore) to the Claire de Lune Fan Page on Facebook, or to twitter with the hashtag #clairedelune
  • Comment on one of the participating blogs listed here, and then come back HERE and tell us where you commented! (so I can find you–some of these blogs are REALLY popular and get LOTS of comments.)

You can do as MANY of those as you want, as MANY times as you want.  Each “activity” will enter you one time into the drawing for a book.  I have THREE copies to give away.  Please complete your activities by 11:59 pm EST on Tuesday, May 18th, to enter.

I’ll gather up all of the entries and select three winners using  If you’re really active, it might take me a couple of days to get all of the entries together, so be patient 🙂

Find out the winners of the books on this blog no later than Friday, May 21.

HAVE FUN and thank you for spreading the word about this great new book!



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7 Reasons to read Nicholas Sparks’ Novels

Because his books are all pretty much the same-two people fall in love, then they learn terrible secrets about each other, then they re-fall in love, and then somebody dies-This is my blanket review for all of them.

  1. You are home in bed, deliriously sick.  There isn’t much to focus on in these books, which makes them great for sick days.
  2. You are in the mood for sweet love stories without graphic sex.  (I used to read the novel excerpts in Good Housekeeping.  I will NEVER forget the the ONE time I went to find one in the store, bought it, started reading it, and was HORRIFIED with the sex scenes.  I didn’t really understand what a “Romance Novel” was. I was never the same.  I was also about 13, I think, so it was a bit of a shock.  In my mind, babies still came from the cabbage patch.)  ANYWAY. . .
  3. You are religious or can ignore the religious snippets.  (I’m not religious, but they don’t bother me.)
  4. You live in coastal North Carolina.  Many of his stories are set right where I live (Wilmington, NC), or very close to Wilmington.  It is fun to imagine the characters hanging out around my hometown.
  5. There is nothing else to buy at the airport book store.
  6. Your brain needs a vacation.

I can’t really think of any other reasons.


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    7 Musings about “Double Fault,” by Lionel Shriver

    1. I’m glad I don’t play tennis.
    2. I’m REALLY glad I don’t play tennis.
    3. It’s sad when people don’t realize what a good thing they have going.
    4. Shriver is an incredibly precise writer-which makes the pain she depicts in this book exquisite.
    5. I don’t really like to read books about failure and single-minded devotion to self-destruction.  Even if they are more representative of true life.
    6. Being too good at one thing and not very good at anything else sets a person up for a miserable life.
    7. The beauty of rubbernecking a car-wreck at the side of the road is that it usually takes less than five or six hours to drive by it.  You glance, and then it is in your rear view mirror, and you drive on to somewhere else, thinking about somewhere else.  Not so with the novel-as-car-wreck.

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    7 Reasons Why you might LOVE “Her Fearful Symmetry” by Audrey Niffenegger

    1. Identical twins. Double the fun.
    2. The cover is pretty and creepy at the same time.  (What? Isn’t that a valid reason?)
    3. A Ouija board figures prominently in communication between the dead aunt, her nieces and her boyfriend.
    4. The Little Kitten of Death is a plaything for various inhabitants of the apartments.
    5. There are many switched identities, and best-laid plans that change, though everything works out well, if not as expected, in the end.
    6. The OCD upstairs neighbor writes crossword puzzles.
    7. Much action takes place in or overlooking the moss-covered, old, Highgate Cemetery in London. And, the author does a superb job of evoking the foggy eeriness of it all.

    As a followup to the highly, hugely, astoundedly popular Time Traveler’s Wife, there’s no way that Her Fearful Symmetry could ever reach the same heights.  However, after a wee bit of a slow start, and an interlude reading other books, I found myself itching to pick up the book again and see what happened.  I was, literally, breathless when it all finished.  Just like one of the main characters.

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    7 Reasons to Love “Wicked Plants,” by Amy Stewart

    1. Creepy illustrations from Jonathon Rosen. Not sure what that guy’s on, but the mood of his drawings suits the subject matter perfectly.
    2. Its practical applications:  learn how to poison your neighbor, or keep an invasive plant out of your garden.  (Amy does not recommend poisoning your neighbor.  It’s just that you could if you wanted to, after reading this book.  She gives the number for Poison Control and recommends that if you think someone has been poisoned by a plant, to call that number immediately and not rely on the book as a reference.)
    3. Tobacco is considered a wicked plant.
    4. Plant family trees: most non-gardeners probably don’t know that tomatoes and potatoes are in the same plant family as deadly nightshade.  This, and other pretty poisonous families are fleshed out in the book.
    5. The categories of wicked:  deadly, intoxicating, destructive, dangerous, painful, illegal, and offensive.
    6. Anthropomorphism of plants.  I love the opening to the “Social Misfits” category:  “The way some plants behave is disgusting and downright embarrassing.  There are the arsonists-plants that use fire as a weapon to clear the way for their offspring. . . Other offenders stink, slobber, and even bleed.  Don’t invite any of these horticultural misfits to your next garden party.”  I knew I wasn’t the only one who considered the plants in my garden to be extensions of my family. (Heh)
    7. All of the fantastic facts that will come in handy if you are a) on Jeopardy some day, b) lost in the middle of the jungle, or your own yard, or c) need to off somebody.

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    7 Musings about South of Broad, by Pat Conroy

    1. A leading character’s name is “Starla.”
    2. The editor was sloppy.  It is missing some necessary commas.
    3. The prose is so overwrought that it makes most soap operas seem like documentaries.
    4. It paints an accurate picture of Charleston’s caste system.
    5. It is a fast read.
    6. Pat Conroy can do better than this.

    A fine read for a Saturday afternoon, but get it from the library.


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    7 Reasons to Read “The Wild Things” by Dave Eggers

    1. It’s by Dave Eggers.
    2. Remember the line “I’ll eat you up, I love you so!”  Well, we get to see what that really means in the book.
    3. The monsters all talk like adults, but they have no judgment.  That’s either really interesting, or a terrifying commentary on adults.
    4. Eggers does a masterful job of maintaining the tone of the original Where the Wild Things Are, in a satisfying full-length novel.
    5. Reading it lets you crawl into the mind of an 8 year old boy and live vicariously for a while.  Reminds me of why I’m glad I’m not still eight years old, and why I sometimes wish I were eight years old.
    6. There are hundreds of tiny cats where the wild things live.
    7. Max’s crazy neighbor.


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