What can Garden Writers Today do for you?

I’m thrilled to be working with Cool Springs Press to create their monthly email newsletters for different segments of the gardening community. One of those is the newsletter for garden writers, in conjunction with Laura Schaub, Managing Editor of the Garden Writers Today website and community.

Currently, you can see a very UNFINISHED, BETA version of GWT here:


There are many other features and feeds that we’re planning to add, but this community and website is first and foremost a resource for you and fellow garden writers.

To make sure that we add information, resources, news, community features and other benefits that are TRUE benefits to writers and photographers, we’re conducting an informal blog survey/meme. We’re asking that garden writers and bloggers post on Tuesday, September 7th, and link back to a home blog post on the Garden Writers Today website. (We’ll have a link widget on there, and I’ll email you back with details about that.)

In your blog post, we’re asking that you answer this simple question:

“What Can Garden Writers Today Do For Me?”

Think of what would help support you, as a writer. Discussions? Tutorials? Photo resources? What would make the GWT site a place that you’d check frequently, even daily?

We’d like you to:

– Write a short post simply listing what would be helpful and why
– Invite your readers to comment to your post or ours with their ideas, as well
– Link to our blog and FB page sometime on Tuesday 9/7

Laura, Jean Ann and I will be promoting everyone’s posts on the FB page and Twitter, which should help you get a bit more traffic. But, mostly, we’re asking this as a favor to the entire community of writers to help us build a website and community that will be helpful for all of us.

Please let me know if you’d like to participate! Email me at ktplant “at” gmail “dot” com

And, thank you, in advance, for your time to help!


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