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On Monday, I got an email from Jean Ann VK asking me if I’d like to be the LIVE FACEBOOK AUTHOR INTERVIEW this week.  Now, either they’ve run out of other awesome authors and finally were like “ok, we guess we’ll ask Katie” or they think I have top secret information to share with all y’all (I live in North Carolina).

It is probably a combination of both.   I am super-flattered, and can’t wait to participate.

To follow along and ask questions, you need to “like” on Facebook.  You can do that by clicking this link:

What I have to Offer You

I’m not a “book author.”  Not really.  I ghostwrite books, but I don’t have my name on them.  (Unless you look through the acknowledgments.)  I’m usually listed as “major help,” “editor,” “reader,” “tyrannical fanatic,” or something like that.

I’m more an author of online content:  blogs, newsletters, websites, facebook pages, twitter, etc.  I feel that twitter was MADE for me, or I was made for it.  My life is much more complete with twitter.  But, I digress.


I thought that all of my adoring fans (all three of you: Hi NATALIE, SUSAN and SHELLEY!) knew about my history working in botanic gardens.  Apparently, I have one adoring fan that did not know about that.  (LAURA-have you or have you not been following my every move since birth?  Oh, I’ve only known you for about a year. K. You’re absolved.)  Working in and managing public gardens around the United States is how I learned a lot of what I hope to share with everyone today.

Have you ever visited a beautiful botanical garden and said to yourself “This is really pretty, but I could NEVER make my garden look like that?”  I’m here to tell you that you CAN.  If you want to.  Even if you just want your front flowerbed to make a BIG SPLASH, I’ll tell you how we do it in the public garden world.

The Practical Side of Gardening

I am a practical gardener.  I don’t have a lot of time to spend in my garden, but I spend all day looking out AT my front garden while I write.  So, I want it to look good.  I want it to look good, even if I can only spent about one full day, every other month, working in it.  (With husband on standby to run to the garden center for supplies if I need him to.  Which he is always pleased to do, because he likes to shop–particularly at garden centers.  We have three birdbaths.)

I don’t want to give everything away here in my blog post, but I’m hoping that you will ask me questions about some of these topics so that I can share my hard-earned tips with you!

  • Using annuals without breaking the bank
  • Designing your own mixed border for year-round color
  • IPM (Integrated pest management) or, in my case, NPM  (No Pest Management)
  • Why it is OK to hire a lawn service and what you should look for if you do
  • How a little bit of basic botany can go a long way toward helping you tend your garden.
  • We’re not kidding about mulch
  • Irrigation–do you have it–are you using it properly
  • and my VERY FAVORITE TOPIC EVER: how to water your plants correctly.
  • Dealing with deer and other animals around large pieces of property or big flower beds
  • MASS PLANTING: you CAN do it.

Plus more! I’ve worked at the Smithsonian, Marie Selby Botanical Garden, Indianapolis Zoo, Airlie Gardens, Fort Ticonderoga, Washington Park Arboretum, Longwood Gardens, Winterthur, and others.  Ask me to tell their secrets. I’m more than happy to.

Looking forward to seeing you this afternoon!



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3 responses to “My Live Facebook Author Interview with

  1. So looking forward to this! We’re closing on a house in Porters Neck very soon and have a TON to do in the front and back yards…perfect timing. Expect me to annoy you with so many questions 🙂

  2. natalie

    Totally missed it between our travels! I feel like part of your fan club has let you down:) I am sure you were fabulous, as always!

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