Claire de Lune Blog Tour and Book Giveaway!


Here are the winners of the big BOOK giveaway!  If you’re a winner, please email me your name, address, and who you’d like Christine to sign the book to.  Email me at ktplant “at” gmail “dot” com, so that I can have Christine autograph your book, and send it to you.


Shelley Dawson Hendershot  (I believe Shelley commented on every SINGLE blog, and put it on facebook about seventeen  times, so she had LOTS of chances to win!)

Susan L. Morrison

Rebecca Sweet

Laura Matthews

Eleanor Erickson

(These winners were randomly drawn from the pool of entries that followed the contest instructions below.  Some of them also wrote blog posts, but they tweeted, facebooked or told their friends about it, according to instructions! Thank you for playing!  Enjoy the books!)


Claire de Lune, by Christine Johnson, published by Simon Pulse, is NOW at bookstores near you!  Werewolves are also lurking on blogs near your corner of the internet, too.  Today we’re having a big blog book tour to celebrate the release of Claire de Lune at blogs near and far.  Here’s the list of participating blogs:



Good Enough Gardening Podcast and Facebook Page:

Punk Rock Gardens:

Pomegranate Books:

The Mini Garden Guru:

The Garden of Words:

Chicks on Sticks:

Glynne’s Soaps:

Theme a Party:

Gossip in the Garden:

Jenny Peterson Garden Design:

Masks Blog:

Blue Planet Gardening Blog

All Biz Answers

New Rules of Publishing:

Bling and Buy:

Amuse Bouche:

Fight Mediocrity:

Joy’s Jam:

Agility Spot:

BrushBuck Guide Services:

Fussbudget Promotions:

Take the Tour, Comment, and Come back Here to Win

Want to read about werewolves in the workplace?  How about surfing lessons for werewolf wahines?  All that and more is covered in the big blog book tour.  Check out the blogs, leave comments, and, learn more about the book, itself:

Check out Christine’s Web Page:

Follow her on Twitter:  @cjohnsonbooks

Become a Fan of Claire de Lune on Facebook:

Buy the book at

or, purchase it from your favorite local indie bookstore:

Win a Copy of Claire de Lune

Christine was kind enough to donate three copies of Claire de Lune with a signed book plates to our Blog Book Tour.  Would you like to win this book?  (You do want to win it.  It is GREAT!)  You have several options to enter the book giveaway:

  • Become a fan of Claire de Lune on Facebook
  • Tweet about the book and/or blog tour with the hashtag #clairedelune
  • Upload a picture of Claire de Lune in the “wild” (at your local bookstore) to the Claire de Lune Fan Page on Facebook, or to twitter with the hashtag #clairedelune
  • Comment on one of the participating blogs listed here, and then come back HERE and tell us where you commented! (so I can find you–some of these blogs are REALLY popular and get LOTS of comments.)

You can do as MANY of those as you want, as MANY times as you want.  Each “activity” will enter you one time into the drawing for a book.  I have THREE copies to give away.  Please complete your activities by 11:59 pm EST on Tuesday, May 18th, to enter.

I’ll gather up all of the entries and select three winners using  If you’re really active, it might take me a couple of days to get all of the entries together, so be patient 🙂

Find out the winners of the books on this blog no later than Friday, May 21.

HAVE FUN and thank you for spreading the word about this great new book!



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11 responses to “Claire de Lune Blog Tour and Book Giveaway!

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  3. Wow, good job putting all of this together! I think I may have to go take a picture of the book in the “wild” and then buy it while I’m there!

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  6. Shelley Dawson Hendershot

    OK. fanned/liked the book page on Facebook. I commented on cakewrecks (Szventh @ livejournal comment). I commented on Bek’s photo on the Claire de Lune Facebook page. I commented about the Mask’s blog, but I put my questions on the Mask’s facebook page, so that might not count for an entry. I think that is all I got. And I howled on Facebook a lot. And called friends and wished them “Happy Werewolf Day” 🙂

    Thanks for this, it was fun!

  7. RudolfB

    We are all for werewolves. Very colorful creatures:-)
    The best of luck with your launch!


  8. Katie. I like the idea of the blog tour.

    Good luck!


  9. Shelley Dawson Hendershot

    I am glad to see how much the blog list grew during the day itsself.

  10. Shelley Dawson Hendershot

    Thanks for the book! In all honesty, I didn’t actually comment on every single blog. I think I missed two or three because the sign in requirements were something that I didn’t have and I wasn’t very expermintal at one in the morning. I loved the whole thing!

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