Claire de Lune non-Book Blog Tour

The novel Claire de Lune, by Christine Johnson, will be published by Simon Pulse, a division of Simon and Schuster, on TUESDAY, MAY 18th.

I’ve already read the book, and I LOVED it! It’s Johnson’s first novel, and geared for the Young Adult market, but I think that lots of groups will find it interesting: Moms & Daughters, book clubs, teens, people who liked Twilight, etc.  The book is evocative and atmospheric.  I really FELT like I was in the woods with the wolves.  It was also fun to read about being in love for the first time.  I wasn’t a werewolf, and I wasn’t in love with one, but, I gotta say, that time felt pretty tumultuous.  You can order the book on Amazon, HERE, or call your favorite local indie shop and ask them to order it for you!

Big non-book Blog Book Tour

To have a little bit of fun with the launch (because I grew up with Christine), I decided to coordinate a big blog book tour on NON book related blogs.  On Tuesday, May 18th, you’ll be able to visit the blogs below for a fun werewolf post!  Be sure to visit and comment at each blog.  It should be fun to see everyone’s take on the werewolf situation.

And, it is NOT too late to participate!  If you’d like to join the fun, write a werewolf post for your blog and schedule it for May 18th.  THEN, email me at ktplant “at” gmail “dot” com with your blog URL so I can add you to the list.

Many thanks to everyone who is participating!

Werewolves coming to these blogs on Tuesday, May 18th:


Double Danger:


Good Enough Gardening Podcast and Facebook Page:

Punk Rock Gardens:

Pomegranate Books:

The Mini Garden Guru:

The Garden of Words:

Chicks on Sticks:

Glynnes Soaps:

Theme a Party:

Gossip in the Garden:

Jenny Peterson Garden Design:

Masks Blog:

Blue Planet Gardening Blog

All Biz Answers

New Rules of Publishing:

Bling and Buy:

Amuse Bouche:

Fight Mediocrity:

Joy’s Jam:

Agility Spot:

BrushBuck Guide Services:

Find Christine Johnson, Author of Claire de Lune, online

Check out Christine’s Web Page:

Follow her on Twitter:  @cjohnsonbooks

Become a Fan of Claire de Lune on Facebook:



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11 responses to “Claire de Lune non-Book Blog Tour

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  5. Katie, this is such a great idea…congratulations on an innovative and fun campaign!

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  7. Katie- it has been so much fun to read everyone’s posts today! Nice job coordinating the effort!

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