Garden Bloggers Bloom Day April 2010

The ONLY thing, and I do mean the ONLY nice thing about April 15th, aside from being alive, is GARDEN BLOGGERS BLOOM DAY!  Because I finished my taxes EARLY (as in, five minutes ago), I can build my post.

This April’s bloom day is so special because I’ve been out of town for 8 days.  You might think “Well, no matter? A week’s a week, right?”  Let me tell you: In Wilmington, NC, in April, missing a week in the garden is like missing a MONTH any other time of year.  When I left on April 6th, my hosta were still MIA, the Azaleas were just THINKING about blooming, and my ornamental mustard was still just a mass of leaves.  I came home, 8 days later, to this:

My own Azalea Festival

The First Rose Bloom of 2010

A Tumble of Lady Banks Roses

Fragrant Holly Blooms

My Husband’s New Magnolia


A Star-Anise Plant

Mustard, bolting

Heuchera, oh how I love heuchera

A little Mishmash in my Butterfly Border

Ornamental Cabbage, bolting (view of garden in background)

Another, semi-wide shot of the garden

I don’t think my garden looks all that interesting when taken as a whole. It is only two years old (this will be its third summer), and it is still filling in.  I can’t WAIT to see what the ornamental grasses do this summer. I’ve added a bunch to the front garden. Should improve the texture.  But, I included two wide shots this time to give you sort of an idea of what I’m working with.  Basically, I dug up half of my front yard.

I had a fantastic time in Idaho (more pics of that to come), but I’m SO glad that I didn’t ENTIRELY miss the spring bloom in Wilmington.  This city is truly a magical place, this time of year.

A BIG thank you to Carol, over at May Dreams Gardens for dreaming up Bloom Day and hosting its headquarters on her blog! Visit her here.



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12 responses to “Garden Bloggers Bloom Day April 2010

  1. Looks fan-tablulous!
    During these past two weeks, plants really have exploded. My sweet potato vine ‘Blackie’ is poking up a few places, as is my passionflower vine ‘Maypop’. Then there are my bearded iris….
    I love it when a garden “matures” (as opposed to us..;) )

  2. Looks great! I’m with you- my garden is young and immature- not a ton of stuff blooming right now 😦 But you have more than me! I need to remember to plant more spring flowers- I tend to plant mostly summer bloomers for some reason! Welcome back BTW!

  3. OMG! It looks like autumn at your place. Salvia in bloom? I don’t think ours has sprouted. Are you harvesting artichokes? OK… I’ll acknowledge that azaleas are very “spring” as are magnolias… but I’m suspicious you took those photos before you went on vacation. I thought you guys had snow up until the end of March?

    That said, do you harvest star anise? It’s a critical ingredient in soy chicken. I never thought to grow it… but those flowers would be a great bonus in my kitchen garden.

    • Well, Salvia blooms here in late spring/early summer, except for the very FALL blooming varieties. I think I have about six varieties in my garden, giving me salvia bloom all summer.

      BUT you caught me in that I just bought these early blooming salvia plants at the garden center! Normally, they’d probably be blooming about three weeks from now, I’d guess.

      I live in southern coastal North Carolina. We had a cold winter for us, but our last SNOW was in FEBRUARY! 😉

      I’ll harvest some star anise if you send me your chicken recipe! 🙂

  4. gardenjunkie1

    Lucky you to have roses blooming already, especially the Lady Banks rose. I love the way those climb all over the place, creating a blanket of color. From what I can see, your ‘immature’ garden is filling in nicely. Happy GBBD!

  5. A week in an April garden is a long time, Katie! It’s sort of fun to come back to that many new blooms, isn’t it?

    The recipe exchange plan for Star anise was just a joke about the shape of the Calycanthus/Sweet shrub flower looking like Star Anise seed pods, right? Because Calycanthus florida is on the poisonous plants list so you wouldn’t really want to cook with it unless you’re in the Southern Road Company of Addams Family, the Musical ;-]

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

    • Apparently, Daniel is TRYING to kill me. However, I don’t really remember if that’s a calycanthus or an anise. We have BOTH down here and they all look the same to me. So, I guess I won’t cook with it! LOL!

      Based on the leaf shape and bloom time of my shrub, though, I’m pretty sure it is an anise. I guess I’ll take a cutting back to the nursery where I bought it for identification!

  6. A nice spring time show. That star anise is very cool.

  7. Katie, you’re having a beautiful bloom day there. I’m a bit behind you, but will soon be seeing roses too. The tree peony bloomed today, and we’re supposed to get rain. Waaah!~~Dee

  8. You have a great interesting mix of things blooming there. Glad you didn’t miss out on all the early spring fun! I’ve been wanting one of those star anises. Maybe some day.

  9. Les

    I want to thank you for stopping by and commenting on my bloom day post. What ever took you to Idaho must have been important to leave your own garden and Wilmington in April. It is one of my favorite coastal cities.

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