San Francisco Day Two: Redwood Trees and Surfers

Today was day TWO of my marathon trip to the West Coast! My fantastic friends, Natalie and Scott, decided to take me to see the redwoods and the surfers around Santa Cruz. It was absolutely fabulous!

When you’re standing underneath trees like these, everything else pretty much disappears.

Oxalis grew all over the forest floor.

In the clearings, forget-me-nots bloomed

At this point during the day, I almost fell into the river trying to get a picture of this little bleeding heart growing along the path.

Begonia, hanging out.

A fantastical fern!  Looks like a goose head.

Epiphytic ferns!

Santa Cruz

Surfer, foreground. Dolphins, background.

Gnarly waves!

View of the Santa Cruz waterfront

Giant plants in FRONT of a Surf Shop!

Paradise Surf Shop.

Board Blanks

My haul from the Santa Cruz bookshop. I was restrained. I only got 10 books, all paperback.  I especially like the title of the “alluring lettuces” book.

All in all, a pretty fantastic day!



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4 responses to “San Francisco Day Two: Redwood Trees and Surfers

  1. Love the bark shot. Very cool.
    I like the one of the plants outside the Rip Curl shop. It’s nice to see succulents used in pots like that – they need to be used more here!

  2. i have that book the brother gardeners, on my list of books to read. i hope you’ll review it. i just got back from florida where epiphytic ferns were all over the place. i had never really noticed them before. they love the palms where the old leaves drop and leave dirt-catchy places along the trunk. so lush!

  3. What is the title of the book in the center, top row with the woman carrying the surfboard??

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