San Fran Day One: UC Berkley Botanical Garden

Today was my first day in San Francisco, and I’m staying with my best friend Natalie, and her husband (also my friend–most of the time–LOVE YOU Scott :).  We went up to the UC Berkley Botanical Garden.  GORGEOUS! Here are some pics.

(I don’t know the name of each of the areas.  And, I have lost my map among all of the stuff I bought today.)

Gorgeous Plant Combo

Old California Buckeye Tree


A rhodie, growing on a staghorn fern, growing on a tree fern


Magnolia Stellata

Roaming the Oakland Neighborhoods for Pics

Osteospermum and Loropetalum. Pretty!




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3 responses to “San Fran Day One: UC Berkley Botanical Garden

  1. Amber

    Love these pics! The blueberry pic makes me hungry…

  2. Gorgeous! Nothing like seeing things through the eyes of a tourist to make you appreciate your own backyard.

  3. I’ve always tried to get away from the northeast in mid-to-late winter. While you live farther south, I’m sure it’s still grand to escape… and all the way to the west coast! Your photos have me pining for a trip to just about anywhere that’s farther into spring than we are. A day at a botanical garden would be very soothing. Thanks for sharing.

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