Garden Bloggers Bloom Day January 2010

Here’s a picture of what’s blooming in my yard on this bloom day:

Yeah. NOTHING.  NO-THING.  I don’t think this has EVER happened.  EV-AR. I don’t even have any PANSIES blooming.  We’ve had the worst awful cold for Wilmington, NC over the last few weeks.  It has been in the teens at night.  That never happens.  So, my camellias are frozen.  My honeysuckle is frozen.  My fatsia is frozen.  Because I neglected to feed my pansies with anything, they are tiny, unable to deal with the cold, and DEAD.

Happy Bloom Day, folks in CALIFORNIA 🙂  I don’t even have anything blooming inside. Some orchids that might open, eventually, but OF COURSE, not today.

For a probably equally depressing list of bloom day posts, please visit Carol over at May Dreams Gardens, who started Bloom Day to prevent exactly this kind of malaise.



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20 responses to “Garden Bloggers Bloom Day January 2010

  1. Nothing in my garden either. Spring is coming. Stay warm.
    … Connie

  2. It is tough enough up north where we at least are prepared for the cold. But the freezing temps that have been all over the southern U.S. are distressing, not just for gardeners but lots of farmers, too, I imagine.

  3. Thta’s exactly what I have blooming in my garden. Nothing. But we are only 90 daysfrom the frost free dat here in SE MO. I imagine yours is much sooner. Hang in there.

  4. Oh… very sorry to hear this. Fingers crossed strong roots survived and your flowers will make a comeback from this dastardly weather. We need to organize a seedling swap to help out our southern gardening friends….

  5. Oh, my, I laughed so hard. What a clever way to show that nothing is blooming. Nothing outdoors is blooming here either. Oh, I take that back. I have one pansy bloom. The rest? Snow, ice, extreme cold. Need I say more. Thanks.~~Dee

  6. So sorry all you Deep Winter folk. It’s true – in California we have summer, spring, spring, summer! Fall occurs differently for different species – i.e. ripening and falling of berries and so on. Please come on by for a walk through my messy – but blooming – wilderness garden.

  7. Katie, for a moment I thought there was something wrong with my browser when the photo didn’t show up:) I can commiserate; there’s nothing blooming in my garden either. But then I’m used to that here in Illinois–my heart goes out to you and all other gardeners further south who have had such extreme weather conditions this winter. Here’s hoping for a better and warmer February!

  8. We got plenty of nothing, and nothing’s plenty for we! It’s probably rare that so many North American gardeners in so many different zones have exactly the same thing growing in their gardens right now: Nothing! Except those rotten Californians, of course. But we forgive them as they like to brag, I mean share.

  9. Les

    Clever! 9 out of 10 pansies in my garden look deflated. I am hoping they will bounce back soon. We actually reached over 50 today for the first time this year.

  10. Thanks for visiting my blog….glad you can warm up over the miles.

  11. A very humorous post. Maybe having nothing in bloom outside is a good excuse to go by an indoor bloomer!

  12. I agree with Joene, go buy an Orchid or something, a little horticultural retail therapy. I’m sorry about your garden. Like Rose, I’m used to nothing going on outside. In fact, I haven’t seen most of my garden in over a month. Forced bulbs help a lot.

  13. greenwalks

    Oh ouch, sorry your garden has taken such a beating. Mine has too, but I am lucky that some stuff doesn’t seem to mind. I hope you get your witch hazel, if you haven’t already! ‘Diane’ is super lovely too, scarlet red flowers, if you want something even more dramatic than the orangey-red ‘Jelena.’ I like the yellow ones too, anything at this time of year with a jolt of color is welcome!

  14. Katie I hear you. I’ve been living and gardening in Northern BC since 1985 We never have anything blooming or even growing in the garden until late May or the beginning of June!

  15. This has been a brutal winter. Just yesterday, I went and bought a pot of kalanchoe ~ needed a jolt of colour. Soon, soon … only 2 more months until the spring equinox.

  16. Bare dirt can be a nice garden sometimes!

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