Goin’ to San Francisco

This time I’m going in March.  Last time I went in June.  It felt like March.

This year, I’m going to the San Francisco Garden Show.  Or, as it is known on twitter, #SFGS.  Even my sister’s asking what the heck this #SFGS stuff is.  (I’m slightly creeped out that my sister is on twitter-especially when she calls me out on something.  It is a bit like getting dressed down by your boss in front of everyone you work with.)  The twitter world is all a-flutter, with folks flying in from all over creation to meet, greet, and see some plants.

Me, I’m going to shop.

Why I Love Garden Shows

The landscapes are cute.  They provide opportunities to take close-up photos of almost every hot new plant on the market, and every old favorite standby.  There are seminars where you can learn a new idea or two.  For home gardeners, or gardening newbies, a ticket to a garden show, especially one where you can keep coming back during the entire show, is like a really cheap gardening workshop that, in the rest of the world, would cost something like $1,000 and have homework.

But, I know how to garden.  My landscape is pretty well established, except for the gigantic new vegetable garden I’m putting in this spring.  (That I swore I wasn’t going to do.)

I LOVE garden shows, because I love to shop.  Garden shows are THE BEST place to find all of the weird and wonderful garden tools, books, plants, and frou-frou things in one place.  Often, with deals.  And, in the company of other people who are JUST as PLANT OBSESSED as you are, so that you don’t feel like a freak of nature.  You might say, well, can’t you just go to your local garden center for that?  No.  You really can’t.  At a garden show, you don’t look out of place carrying ten shopping bags.  If you push four carts up to the register at Home Depot, or fill six wagons at your local garden center, after they take your money, they put you on a “list” of crazies to look out for.  (I made that up.  But, it isn’t far from the truth.)

I’m going to be among my own kind.

Poor hubby. I’m leaving him at home, so I can frolic with my fellow plant fanatics.  We’re going to tweet-up.  We’re going to play hooky and visit Filoli.  We’re going to eat ourselves silly on artisan yogurt, ethnic sausages, and home-grown produce grilled in front of us at the Saturday San Francisco Farmer’s Market.  (What? You didn’t know that was on the schedule?  Well, it is on my schedule.)

I’m going to the Left Coast to see weird things that don’t grow at my house, and finally meet, in person, many of my new twitter friends.  So we can talk about what we had for breakfast in person. (That was a twitter joke.)

If You’re In the Area. . .

You really should go.  So, San Francisco folks, people from the surround, and those who can get there in a few hours, come and join us.  It’s gonna be great.  The SFGS PR person, Laura, says so.

Click here for the important info you need.



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14 responses to “Goin’ to San Francisco

  1. Yay! So glad you’re coming to visit!

  2. Katie, you rock! The SF Flower & Garden Show is going to be SO much fun this year, especially with gardening geeks like you coming from all over the country. Oh, and you are so right about the great shopping! Show gardens, shopping & seminars; we shall keep you busy!

    Thanks for spreading the word, especially about what a great opportunity this is for garden and plant enthusiasts to take part in what amounts to a five-day gardening conference for the cost of one ticket. Can’t wait to welcome you to MY neck of the woods!

  3. Hi, Katie — I look forward to meeting you in person! I’ll be at the SFGS for the pre-tweetup on Tues night and to give a pres’n the following day. Also hope to look around & shop Thurs before flying home. All very exciting. Let’s exchange cell phone numbers before we go.

  4. You hit all my soft spots in one post! Shopping, Plants,Gardening and Twitter all in one place.
    Can’t wait to meet you and hopefully play tag along on a field trip or two!

  5. Thank you, everyone! More to come. I do hope to have company on some of my field trips (aka playing “hooky!”)

  6. Too bad you won’t be here on a Sunday. Have you been to Marsha Donahue’s garden? I’ll bet you’ve seen her artwork. Chanticleer pleasure garden outside of Philadelphia has lots of her stuff. Anyway she has a gallery of her and Mark Bullwinkle’s stuff at her home/garden which she opens every Sunday between 1 and 4 pm. If you’re looking for a real left-coast experience, that’s probably the way to go. I took this photo at Marsha’s last Sunday:

    and these are from our visit to Chanticleer:

  7. Hey Mark, I will actually be out there on a Sunday, visiting my best friend from college. Soooooo, I believe a field trip there is in order!

    • To get there you could take the Ashby Ave. Exit off 80 going East (away form the bay). Her garden is on Wheeler which would be your first right turn after passing Shattuck Avenue. Her house is on the left side, just across from the next side street that dead-ends into Wheeler from the right.

      If you want to get lunch out nearby you can get some good Thai food at the Thai Temple’s fundraiser which takes place every Sunday between 11 am and 2 pm. Everything is cooked there at outdoor kiosks. You can find just about anything you can think of. My favorite dessert here is their sweet wild rice with mango. They have a courtyard comprised of the linked backyards of at least 3 houses on this street. To get there you could go north one block on Martn Luther King Blvd and take your first right after just one block on to Russell. The temple is just a couple houses down on the lefts side of Russell.

      If you don’t want lunch but would like to take in an interesting nursery, visit The Dry Garden. From Marsha’s you would take any street one block West to Shattuck Ave. Go left/South for a half dozen blocks. It will be on the left side in what may once have been a gas station. Lots of unusual plants, many of them for sale. If they have them in stock by then you can also get on of their logo t-shirt with a Bullwinkle drawing showing the sun and sunflower in a mildly suggestive pose above the word “Hortisexuality”. On the back is the address, etc for the Dry Garden.

  8. SO looking forward to meeting you in person! It’ll be one of the best things Spring has to offer – thanks to the giant Tweet-ups that’ll be going on!

  9. Natalie

    You might be visiting the town I live in, but can already tell who is making up the itinerary
    on this trip, as with all trips involving KT! 🙂 No one else I know can find all the most awesome things to do in an area like she can!I want to visit Filoli after looking at their website! Looks really awesome!

    For all of you who have never met my dear friend Katie, you are in a for a treat!

    • gNatalie Awww, you are the bestest. I really wish you could just take the whole week off and hang with all of us! I need to get a map and plot our gigantically busy time. Perhaps we can go to Filoli on Tuesday?

      Far be it for me to miss one of the following while on vacation:
      -every bookstore within driving distance
      -every garden
      -every Teavana (That’s a new obsession)
      -every awesome shopping area
      -every original food source
      -a winery or six

  10. I am really HOPING we can arrange a trip to the Bay area for the show. NO PROMISES but I do have my fingers crossed! Hope to see you there. I was honored to have you stop by my blog and notice my Winter Images. THANK YOU!

  11. Natalie

    I just may, (cough, cough), have a sick day…

    Livermore Valley has a lots of wineries, it is not Napa, but lots of good wines! We can visit a few! I am a total light weight, so visiting one or two really is the truth if you want me to be a good hostess at all. Shopping is great at Union Square, the Embarcadero Center in SF, and downtown Pleasanton has many cute little shops that I like to visit just to look around. And foodwise, as far as pizza, italian, and mexican where I live, I think we have found the three best! I am sure you will come up with even more!

  12. Wonders if she could fit in your suitcase…. No, that would leave less room for the plants you’re going to bring back. damn

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