My Book Addiction

Yesterday was the last day at Queensboro for the person that trained me.  She’s moving on to manage a Yoga center here in town.  They put together a new notebook for her to jot ideas and thoughts, and asked everyone to write in it.  I was not in yesterday, so I emailed my two cents.  That included quotes from books and poems, and a few tea bags and fortune cookies. The person I emailed my letter to wrote back to say that I had a way with words.  I wouldn’t have that if I didn’t read. All the time.

A few days ago, I finally cleared off my iPhone and made room for public domain books on it, so I’ll never be without something to read.  I also paid to download the $5.99 McSweeny’s ap, which delivers new content from their publications, daily. Books are my pacifiers.

While visiting the Sanibel Island Book Shop last evening, I prowled through the three aisles of carefully selected books and stacked a high pile on the cashwrap.  I told the owner “It’s like I’ve never seen a bookstore before when I come in here.”  “Weren’t you just here a couple of months ago?” she asked.  (I don’t live there.)  “Yes.”

It is almost physically impossible for me to enter a bookstore and not leave with a book.  Despite all of the magazine/internet articles, and pleading from friends and spouse, I don’t go to the library.  Despite the financial sense it makes, I don’t borrow my books.  I buy them.

I say, frequently, that I might have to burn my books one page at a time to keep warm when I’m old.  I might even have to boil them down for the cellulose to eat.  But, until I can’t, I’ll have my books.

The USA Today earlier this week said that people who buy 100 or 300 books a year are gone from the bookstores.  They only buy on Amazon.  The average book purchase by an average person is ONE BOOK A YEAR.  I simply can’t fathom that.

My name is Katie and I’m a book addict.

And I’m NOT going to rehab.



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9 responses to “My Book Addiction

  1. My name is Elle, and I’m a book addict, too!

    I can’t understand how people can only buy one book a year. I’ve bought 265 books this year, but USA Today is right – I’d say 95% of those were bought off Amazon.

    Here’s to being a book addict!

  2. My name is Uninvoked, and I am also a book addict. My BF does not read, nor does he like the enormous stash of my books so….I…uh…hide them. -.-

    I am a closet reader.

  3. Barbie

    You go girl. Rehab is for quitters!

  4. Heather

    I don’t like to borrow my books, either. I love the feel of them.

    Although, I do swap and exchange and recycle books.

    I think the fact that Americans are not reading much tells us a lot about why the economy is where it is… and why the applications I saw when working in corporate were barely literate.

  5. Natalie

    I love to read! However, I am one of those who only buys a handful of books a year, and supports her local library! I also have a husband who does not like clutter…and while he also likes books, too many means they have to be kept somwhere 🙂

  6. My name is Melanie I’m a book addict as well. My bookshelves contain over 1000 books. I borrow lots of books from the library, usually books I want to read but don’t want to own. I only own books I want to read more than once. Second hand bookstore are among my favourite places to hang out.

  7. I’m glad I’m not the only one! I’m trying to remain under control for the next month. . .I have PLENTY to read.

  8. Eve

    I love this! I have moved across the country about 4 times lamenting about how much “stuff” I have. But in reality it is not just “stuff” I am hauling, it is dozens of boxes of books! And it is worth it to open the box and exclaim “oh, I love love THIS book!”

  9. That makes me really sad that the large majority of Americans don’t care about reading or books. Maybe they’re just all checking them out from the library, but somehow, I think tv watching has overcome reading. I have a lot of books, and buy a lot of books, but I do pare down my collection from time to time and donate to others. Lately, all my books are gardening and cooking books. Usually, I have a pile of 2 or 3 books waiting on me to read them as soon as I’m done with the current book. I also have the bad habit of reading more than one book at a time. Don’t give the book addiction up! It’s totally worth it.

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