Garden Bloggers Bloom Day December 2009

Happy Bloom Day! This month, the real stars of my garden are the Sasanqua Camellias. They look like lovely ballerinas in my garden. But first, all of the plants that are STILL BLOOMING as of December 15th. We’ve had a long, LONG, warm fall here in Wilmington, NC.  Now, here’s where I alienate all of my gardening friends.  All of them.  ‘Cept maybe those who live in California or Florida.

Flowers that Won’t Quit

Clockwise from top Left:  Knockout rose, Marigold (planted from seed this spring), Coneflower, Cosmos (planted from seed this fall), Mexican sage, Butterfly weed, Pentas, Zinnia, Honeysuckle, and Tibouchina (center).

Lovely Ladies

These beauties are sheer miracles, as far as I’m concerned.  Yes, I have some hangers-on from the summer, but Camellias are in their gorgeous glory, November-April.  When other plants look like they’ve stayed at the party too long, Camellias are in their glory.

My Current Favorite Plant Combo

I think I had a picture of this last month, but this is a better pic.  Here we have Panicum ‘Dallas Blue’ with a regular ol’ Loropetalum.  The copper color of the grass and the purple of the shrub is just AMAZING.  Especially in the afternoon, when the sun shines on it.  Now, if only the rest of my garden could look that good.

Raspberry Carpet Lives Up to its Name

And, lastly, my raspberry carpet ground covers are growing and looking good.  They have a gorgeous fall color.

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day is brought to you by Carol of May Dreams Gardens.  Don’t miss the other blooms!  Head on over to her garden now!  Visit May Dreams Gardens



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12 responses to “Garden Bloggers Bloom Day December 2009

  1. My zinnias finally bit the dust in last week’s freezes up here in Maryland. Love those camellias!

  2. I find it so hard to imagine such gorgeous flowers blooming there when it is so cold here. What is that raspberry carpet groundcover? It looks great.

  3. The Raspberry Carpet is this: Rubus pentalobus It can be hard to find. Easier to find at an independent garden center. I got mine at The Transplanted Gardener in Wilmington.

  4. Sigh. Everything is lovely…permit me a little bloom-envy. I’ve never seen the raspberry carpet before!

  5. Dan

    Great Tibouchina, love those!

  6. Ahhh. I could use some blooms, myself. Perhaps I’ll drop by for flower therapy. *grins*

  7. I couldn’t help it: I looked… and while I don’t hate you 🙂 I sure am envious! Great photos and lovely colour!

  8. That is a beautiful collection you’ve got. I love the Mexican sage-I just want to pet it!

  9. Les

    How could anyone garden without camellias? I have the raspberry as well, but it gets a fair amount of shade and never colors up as nice as yours. Happy GBBD!

  10. You didn’t alienate this gardening friend…but I am green with envy! Everything looks so lovely in your garden, but I’m especially envious of those beautiful camellias. Wish we could grow them here in zone 5. The raspberry carpet is new to me–what a gorgeous ground cover!

  11. It’s hard not to be envious looking at how much color you’ve still got in your garden. And those camellias! Love. Want.

  12. If I pull on the carpet a little, could I move some of your pretty flowers up here where I can get a better look? It isn’t that far. And maybe some of your weather could come along with it? I’d make it most welcome… and you could have it back when we’re finished with it. ;^)

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