7 Reasons to read Nicholas Sparks’ Novels

Because his books are all pretty much the same-two people fall in love, then they learn terrible secrets about each other, then they re-fall in love, and then somebody dies-This is my blanket review for all of them.

  1. You are home in bed, deliriously sick.  There isn’t much to focus on in these books, which makes them great for sick days.
  2. You are in the mood for sweet love stories without graphic sex.  (I used to read the novel excerpts in Good Housekeeping.  I will NEVER forget the the ONE time I went to find one in the store, bought it, started reading it, and was HORRIFIED with the sex scenes.  I didn’t really understand what a “Romance Novel” was. I was never the same.  I was also about 13, I think, so it was a bit of a shock.  In my mind, babies still came from the cabbage patch.)  ANYWAY. . .
  3. You are religious or can ignore the religious snippets.  (I’m not religious, but they don’t bother me.)
  4. You live in coastal North Carolina.  Many of his stories are set right where I live (Wilmington, NC), or very close to Wilmington.  It is fun to imagine the characters hanging out around my hometown.
  5. There is nothing else to buy at the airport book store.
  6. Your brain needs a vacation.

I can’t really think of any other reasons.



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    4 responses to “7 Reasons to read Nicholas Sparks’ Novels

    1. Natalie

      number 7 is why I read Twilight…don’t tell me we can’t be friends anymore b/c I read all the Twlight books!! 🙂

    2. Wow, I was totally out of it when I wrote that. I repeated a bunch of numbers! So much for lucidity while ill.

    3. Best Nicholas Sparks review ever. As someone who used to write the copy for the backs of books, I can tell you that this sentiment rings true for a LOT of books/authors. *sigh*

    4. LOL! Thanks Jennah! Every few years I go on a bender and catch up on all of the books. Jodi Piccoult is kind of like that, too.

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