Blog Action Day 2009

Today is Blog Action Day. This year’s theme is climate change.  Bloggers around the world come together to write about a common issue to raise awareness and discuss solutions.

Here are my concerns about climate change

  • I live on the coast of North Carolina.  My house is less than one mile from the Intracoastal waterway, as the crow flies.  I live in between several tidal creeks.  Rising sea levels of a few meters will put my house underwater.  Here’s some info about that.
  • In addition to the rising sea levels, climate change and increased heat in the atmosphere are projected to wreak all kinds of havoc on plant life.  Because plants are the basis of our food chain, the producers of oxygen and scrubbers of carbon dioxide, this alarms me.
  • If food systems are further destabilized, I am afraid that political unrest will grow, violence will break out, and basic systems of functioning will shut down.  Perhaps that will not happen during my lifetime, but if I have any children, and I’d like to have at least one, it will most likely happen during their lifetimes.  That worries me.  We do need to effect change in many of life’s basic functions, in my opinion.  However, I’d prefer to work on those a bit at a time, collaboratively, rather than waiting for catastrophic environmental factors to push us into a new way of life.  We still have time to act. Let’s act.
  • Jellyfish like warm water.  Warmer water temperatures mean more jellyfish.  This sounds purely selfish, but I am at home in the ocean-I love to surf and swim.  Only, not with jellyfishes.

Reading the reseach gives me concern for the health of my beloved plants and my family.  I’m not hot on the deaths and extinctions on so many animals either.

What can I do?

With such a monumental shift in thinking needed, the best way I feel that I can help is to work with other like-minded individuals to effect political change.  All by myself, I can’t do much.  With many other people, I can. Strength in numbers.


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  1. This is an intense post. I’d be totally frozen but you recognize and embrace strength in numbers to affect change. Bravo I say!

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